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Jump to navigation. If you have any questions about the RA application process, please email res-raselection email. The RA Job Expectations are updated each year. To be eligible for the Resident Assistant position, you must meet all the following requirements:. Candidates not meeting this criterion will be cut from the process. You must have spent at least one semester as a full-time college student at the University of Arizona to be eligible to apply. You must be able to arrive on campus and attend, and fully participate, in Fall RA training and hall opening. Applying to be a Resident Assistant RA involves more than completing an application and interviewing; applying is a process.

Become a Resident Assistant

Becoming a student staff member at UHDS means more than a job and paycheck. While these positions do provide housing, a meal plan, and a monthly stipend, working as a Resident Assistant allows you to be part of your community in a meaningful way. The Resident Assistant position is a live-in, peer mentorship, student staff position working an average of 15 hours a week within the Residence Hall on the Oregon State University – Cascades campus.

RAs are assigned to a wing or floor with approximately residents in that community. RAs are responsible for creating and maintaining emotionally and physically safe and secure residential communities. RAs are called upon to effectively respond to and manage a variety of crisis and emergency situations.

“I was sexually assaulted by a fellow R.A. I never told because I didn’t want others to see me as weak.” Real confessions by real R.A.s.

Further, we seek to be the premier campus community in the country. Resident Assistants RAs are an integral part of furthering this mission and vision. We proudly commit to preparing our students and staff to thrive in a global community. We seek to understand and affirm all identities, engage in residential community dialogue, and promote an inclusive and supportive residential community environment.

We believe an intentional residential experience is transformative. We believe that students will learn and grow in specific ways while living on-campus. Through facilitating the Residential Experience Model, Resident Assistants will mentor residents to explore who they are, connect with others in the community, engage academically, and lead in meaningful ways. Resident Assistants serve students in our residential communities in a variety of roles we have identified as leaders, role models, critical thinkers, peer educators, and community builders.

RAs will practice leadership through authentic and relational actions, recognizing that leadership is a process and the outcome is positive change for the greater community. RAs will recognize the responsibility and accountability that comes with leading and mentoring others in the community.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

It’s a lot of work, so if you’re literally only there to reap the benefits of it and you don’t have any kind of passion for it, you will be miserable when you have to give up your free time to deal with residents. But sometimes people are just in the room having a loud conversation and having fun. Your first year as an RA shouldn’t define your whole experience. But it’s completely different because the connections the residents have and the vibe that the floor has changes every single year regardless of what I do.

It’s just about how people connect and sometimes things work out better for one floor over another floor.

Photo of Resident Assistants – Photograph by Karen Thompson, In good conduct standing at time of application review, contract start date, and during.

University Housing at Florida State University is a great place to work! Check out the various positions that we have available at different times of the year. Please read below to learn more about this position as well as our typical hiring process. Resident Assistants RAs are paraprofessionals who live and work in the residence halls.

Each RA assumes responsibility for approximately fifty 50 students. RAs usually live on the same floor as their assigned residents. RAs are carefully selected for their academic proficiency, extracurricular involvement, concern for the welfare of fellow students, and ability to cope with the demands of their role. They are trained to be sensitive to the academic, emotional, and social challenges facing college students, particularly those involved with the normal adjustments to residence hall living.

The RA position is not a typical job with set hours. RAs are contracted by a Reasonable Agreement to work forty hours bi-weekly, except during specified periods to better accommodate the needs of residents and workers. RAs will also receive a discount on the rental rate for their residence hall room. RAs may petition their supervisor s for approval to work up to 10 hours per week in positions outside of Housing that do not require them to be on—call.

Resident Advisors

We provide a safe and supportive environment promoting academic success, personal development, involvement in campus life, and understanding of intercultural issues. Resident Assistants RAs are full-time enrolled students who assist the Office of Residence Life in fostering growth and engaging in academic success, effective community engagement, intrapersonal development and cultural competency.

Through the creation of community, facilitation of events, and development of relationships during intentional one-on-one conversations, resident assistants provide opportunities for students to become citizen leaders within their community. RAs will participate in ongoing professional development related to policies, procedures, philosophy and learning outcomes established by the Office of Residence Life.

We are excited that you are going to be a Resident Assistant! The position of Resident Assistant is one of the most important, influential, and rewarding leadership opportunities available to for students.

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Resident Assistants RAs are enrolled undergraduate students who work in teams to support the departmental mission of building community, providing resources, and investing in collaborative relationships across campus. By partnering with students, resident assistants support students personally, socially, and academically as they learn and explore.

The RA position is a month live-in, on campus position that supports the creation and facilitation of an integrated residential learning environment that moves undergraduate students through the process of achieving the goals of the undergraduate experience, working through the mission and goals of the Office of Residence Life and the Division of Student Affairs. Immersed in the student community, the Resident Assistants create environments primed for learning that allow students to embrace challenges and shape communities.

Assist in developing community expectations that encourage students to become mindful community members, ethical leaders, well rounded flourishing students. Assess the needs and interests of residential students and create residential communities, interactions, and programs that are tailored to the First Year Experience, Second Year Experience, or Upperclass Experience. Build rapport and individual relationships with residents through consistent presence in the residential community and facilitating planned conversations with residents.

Role model and reinforce positive behaviors consistent with divisional values and university policies and procedures in all contexts including residence halls, online forums, campus events, and the campus community. Serve as a supportive team member. Participate in the ongoing training, selection, and evaluation processes of the department.

Become an RA

MY Account Apply Pay. The University has substantially decreased the number of students who can live in our residence halls. We will do our best to provide housing for those students who meet one or more of the criteria; however, eligibility under the criteria does not guarantee on-campus housing, and changing circumstances may require additional restrictions. Read more here. Becoming an RA is a one-of-a-kind leadership opportunity that teaches communication, team building, and conflict mediation skills.

RAs can have an incredible positive impact on students’ experience at WSU.

In addition, RAs must provide a cell phone number to the. House Dean no later than this date. 5) The RA is required to remain in residence throughout the period​.

A member of the Student Staff Selection Committee will respond to your email within approximately five business days. To advance in the selection process, new applicants must earn at least a 2. Note: To advance as a finalist and participate in a Workshop Week Session, you must also meet other minimum requirements as outlined in the application and this website. Attendance at one of the informational sessions below is mandatory to persist as a candidate in the selection process for RAs and CMs.

Failure to attend one of these informational sessions in their entirety will disqualify candidates from the selection process. These informational sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration. I feel uncomfortable showing my face in a video! What do I do?

Resident Assistant (RA)

Through their prominent leadership role on-campus, resident advisors RAs have the unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills while creating fun and vibrant communities. The RA role enables you to learn valuable skills that employers are looking for including problem-solving, adaptability, teamwork, and interpersonal communication. RAs work in both residence halls and apartments. RAs are student leaders who live and work as peer educators and resources for their community.

May Day, and movies. Student Staff = Resident Assistants (RAs) and Community Assistants (CAs) Dating residents in the residence hall. • Enforcing policies.

The Ohio State University. Resident Advisors RAs are peer leaders who supervise others living in our residence halls. They are often the first resource for others with academic, institutional, or personal questions. RAs have diverse responsibilities; virtually all are tied to developing community and engaging with students to create an extraordinary experience at The Ohio State University.

I believe the skills I learned and developed during my time in Residence Life played a huge part in developing my character and work ethic, earning me opportunities both within and outside my career field I may not have had otherwise. I have referenced some aspect of the RA position in every job and medical school interview. The position is highly interpersonal, captivating, and rewarding. Many people do not get the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of people or practice professionalism during their time in college.

The experience really prepares you for the real world. From residents to co-workers, I heard all different approaches to issues, ideas, and life in general.

Resident Assistant

RAs are also expected to fulfill expectations outlined by the senior staff in the cluster or building. The Residential Life Department believes that, in most cases, when employee performance and behavioral expectations are not being met, supervisors should provide the employee with the opportunity to correct his or her behavior. The personnel procedures and protocols for performance review may be used to help employees meet expectations and improve job performance. Personnel procedures can take the form of progressive discipline or summative discipline.

Progressive discipline refers to increasing discipline depending on the severity or frequency of violations of expectations. Formal disciplinary action can include, but is not limited to, the following actions: written warning, probation, termination, and suspension of duties.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are peer advisers and educators who live and residents may benefit (i.e. “Study Skills,” “Dating Etiquette ,” “Budget Tips,” etc​.).

Resident Assistants RAs develop leadership skills while creating a safe, fun and vibrant community for their residents. The RA role will enable you to learn valuable skills that employers are looking for, including problem solving, adaptability, teamwork and interpersonal communication. RAs make a difference in the lives of their residents to help them be successful both here at Kennesaw State University and beyond.

Resident Assistants are student leaders who live on your floor or in your building. They are there to help residents and to build community. They offer social and academic programs, serve as a resource, and help to maintain reasonable standards of community citizenship. RA Agreement Form — If you were unable to attend an information session, please reach out to raselection kennesaw.

If you wish to apply, visit kennesaw. Applicants can then locate the RA application by searching “Resident Assistant. Candidates must be available for interviews between Thursday, November 14 and Saturday, November 16, and have attended one of the information sessions listed above to be considered for an RA position. The answers for many of your questions about the RA position can be found on this website or during the information session. If you have any additional questions, please email RASelection kennesaw.

Resident Assistant Job Description

Andrew Sword said he resigned from his position as a resident assistant in King and Wright Hall when complications arose with his hall director after his girlfriend was not able to move into the same building. He said he was transferred to a different hall and then quit because he felt like an outsider in a completely different environment. During training, RAs receive their own codes of ethics that must be followed.

One of the rules states that an RA is not allowed to live in the same building with their significant other, she said. Maria Bermudez, a graduate student and RA in King and Wright Hall, said that if a resident in a dorm wanted to start a relationship with an RA, that resident would have to tell his or her hall director so the RA could be transferred to a different building.

A Resident Assistant (RA) is a returning student who lives on the floor or in the Regardless of date of hire, RAs are released from their position no earlier than.

Resident advisers will have earlier move-in and training dates and will be expected to engage with residents in person, according to emails sent by Carolina Housing to student staff. Following UNC’s announcement regarding the new Aug. Kala Bullett informed student staff that they will move in on July 24 and begin training shortly after.

A week later, Carolina Housing informed student staff they would be receiving paid administrative leave through April Connor Leeson, a rising junior and incoming RA, said he was supposed to meet with his community director and team in April to receive his housing assignment, but this meeting has still not happened. UNC Media Relations said in an email that Carolina Housing is committed to communicating housing assignments before training begins and will announce meetings with community teams and directors in the coming weeks.

Leeson said he believes RAs should receive hazard pay, as he feels their duties now carry an increased risk to health and safety. The letter has 16 signatures thus far, which are being withheld until at least 50 student workers have added their support to the letter. In a June 1 email, Bullett said Carolina Housing will implement mask-wearing and additional sanitation, and encourage physical distancing practices and virtual meetings.

How To Deal with Your College RA!

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