My boyfriend is VERY straight edge… and I’m not? :(?

About seven months ago, I entered a relationship with my friend of a few years. He entered the program after being a heroin user. When we first started dating seven months ago, he told me he broke his sobriety because he doesn’t think he really has a problem with drinking. He said he just wants to be normal and be able to enjoy drinks with friends. I quickly realized he was also smoking weed, and later I found out he was taking psychedelics and lying to me about it. He was a nightmare to be around, and if I hadn’t known him before this I never would have stayed! After only a couple weeks of drinking, smoking, and drugs, he decided to be “straight edge again.

The 11 Dating Rules You Should Probably Try To Follow

The straight edge movement began within the punk scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s. The original straight edgers didn’t drink, do drugs, smoke, sleep around or partake in any of the other “hedonistic” elements that had come to define the music scene at the time. Since then, some have taken the straight edge lifestyle a step further by adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet and refraining from pre-marital sex and caffeine.

My boyfriend is straight edge. I am not. Actually, I quite enjoy a glass or bottle of white wine on the right occasion.

I liked being a straight edge growing up because it’s very rare to find someone like me who doesn’t drink any alcohol or do any drugs. I feel like.

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Date Edge, the Dating Website for Straight Edge People, is a Really Real Thing

Obvious, but important. Brownie points for days. Teetotalers have no built-in excuses when it comes to cheating. Like a poem. Or sew matching costumes to win the Halloween contest this year. And if you also have a growth mindset, you need a partner with one.

Dating someone straight edge. As long as they understand the once so,eone a while I like to go drink, and even less often smoke weed literally 2x in my life so.

The new site update is up! I don’t think anything of it at least consciously and I wouldn’t prefer them to stop or anything. But suddenly, when it comes to people I date, I get so turned off when I hear that they smoke, drink, do pot, or light drugs like LSD. I like my friends but I would never date them. There’s just some things I don’t mind or even prefer in friends that I wouldn’t want in a potential “other half”.

My friend who does pot and LSD recently introduced me to a guy friend of hers. Then I found out that he regularly does pot my friend told me , and that in the past he did LSD with her I don’t know if he still does it and my interest dropped to 0.

They don’t drink. They don’t have casual sex. (And they’re not necessarily religious).

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I am talking to this one guy who I’m hitting it off with but it turns out he drinks and smokes weed and I disapprove both of those. Have any of you ever dealt with a problem like this?

The Straight Edge movement was inspired by an American Eighties punk If I found someone I was happy with I would have sex with them.”.

While I am a strong supporter of anti-drug campaigns, I also strongly believe their approaches are outdated, and more importantly, highly ineffective. Most reacted out of shyness or uncertainty. Ads need to become more present online: twitter, facebook, tumblr, WordPress, and any and all forms of social media. In my search for ads and videos online, I was genuinely surprised to see how little there was to find. I had assumed the ads and websites lay hidden beneath the popularity of other media.

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How to be Straight Edge

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We have sex but he still considers himself straight edge since he doesn’t do asked in Family & Relationships Singles & Dating · 9 years ago with your life like you are doing and hurt someone that really cares about you.

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Straight Edge In A Gay World

Oh, Internet dating. Before, there were only chatrooms to keep us warm on lonely nights. It was so complicated, so similar to the real world.

Meet , a dating website strictly for straight edge people Like the fact that you can’t search for someone, there’s no way to sort.

Date some who has goals and works for them until they get it. Someone who keeps their mind sharp because they know that knowledge will get them further. Date someone who will challenge you and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Someone who boost your energy and not decrease it. Someone you go to concerts, sports games, new and different places with. Someone who cares about their health and yours. Someone who chooses water over alcohol.

Someone who makes you let out the ugliest laugh possible. Someone who you hate to be away from. Someone who will make you believe in love again. Date someone who can understand your sarcasm and reply with a witty sarcastic comeback. Date someone who can handle your mood swings without getting angry. Date someone who plays with your hair and rubs your back. Date someone who can kiss you passionately with no hesitation.

How to Date a Stoner When You’re Straightedge

In one corner is a group of lads, one with a lip-piercing and earrings. But there is one remarkable difference between these three and the other drinkers. These lads don’t particularly want to be here. Part of a counterculture youth movement, they have turned their back on alcohol, smoking, drugs and promiscuous sex.

As someone who generally does not drink or smoke, I went on for years envisioning my future Prince Charming as my sober partner in crime. I.

While I enjoyed staring at and sometimes eventually hooking up with the tatted, dapper dudes behind the bars that my friends and I used to frequent, I remember not knowing how to approach the fact that some of them were actually sober themselves. In , I did a Sober December I know, one month early , and after realizing that my life improved sans-booze, I gradually started drinking less and less—until I was essentially sober. A little over a year after saying bye to booze , I broke up with a long-term boyfriend and had to navigate dating again.

No apologizing for not being down to split that bottle of wine, no worrying about unattractive drunk texts, and dating a guy who loved my sobriety was so much better than dating a guy who seemed to secretly wish that I would get drunk with him. Unfortunately, upon downloading the app, I immediately felt like I was using the extreme beta version of Loosid.

After getting past the initial hurdles, I matched with someone who looked like a pretty good fit for me. Shortly after, I got an Instagram DM request from the sober, vegetarian prince charming. After we got to messaging, I found out he was from Italy and had just moved to L. The lack of quality profiles may have simply been because the app was so janky that nobody cared to put in the effort.

I Drink, But My Guy Doesn’t—And We Are Happily In Love

But, stop. Your suggestions are going in one ear and out of the other at a rate that would give the speed of light whiplash. For one, I am a Saggitarius. Of course not, and that further disqualifies you from trying to be my matchmaker in any capacity. That I crave the scallion pancake from the local dim sum joint on a nightly basis. Auntie C, remember when you said I needed to be with someone nerdy, so I went out with that guy who embarrassed the shit out of me with his general lack of rhythm and swag at that rap concert?

After getting past the initial hurdles, I matched with someone who looked like a pretty good fit for me. He was straight edge—which means, like.

When I was a young and impressionable UCLA student, I fell for a guy named Chuck who was in a straight-edge punk band and worked in a bookshop. He was handsome, he lived in a dirty house with some other boys in bands and best of all, I thought, he was straight-edge. Unfortunately, during the course of our relationship, I learned that not everything Chuck said was true.

But because chuck was obsessed with straight-edge music, we listened to it all the time. So, as I mentioned, Chuck was handsome. But he was also short. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, I really liked Chuck initially. I really thought we could have a serious relationship. He seemed to think that not drinking or taking drugs made him better than other people.

Can a Straight-Edge Vegan & Beer Connoisseur Omnivore date each other??!! A Portland, Oregon Tour

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